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Building hygiene

We undertake ad hoc intrustments to building hygiene, to cleaning tasks with modern tools and devices according to the EU-standards and norms (pre- and postwork of events done, cleaning of garages, fassade-whitewash, alpin- or elevator-basket technology).

  • Daily cleaning (offices, bureaux, presentations rooms, shops, supermarkets, factories, plants, workshops, institutions of education and formation of sanitary use, deep-garages etc.)
  • Periodical and special cleaning (sesonal-cleaning, surface attendance, coating, snow cleaning, deicing etc.)
  • Outdoor maintenance service (yard, garden)
  • Window cleaning from ladder or with alpin-technich
  • All tasks to be achieved with industrial alpin technic (lighting, pipeline sysetms, climatic equipent, fassade cleaning, building of bird scarecrow)