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Safety technic

The electronic and mechanic property protective systems are an important part of the complex property protection as such.

The protection of properties must be understood as a complexity and it functions well in a system and as a whole only.

A system is to be said complex if their elements are there in a conveniable relation. The components of a property protective system are as follows:

  1. Mechanical protection (covered surfaces, closures and locking parts, locks, grille, lattice etc.)
  2. Electronical systems (fire-alarm, burglar-alarm, entering system video etc.)
  3. Human forces
  4. Information protection
  5. General assuring and securing

Our firm undertakes the planning and complete carrying out of such safety technical equipment, entering systems, closed-chain video inspecting systems, opening and movement-alarm systems which are needed to inspect buildings and sites, outside and inside as well.